2019 News: We regret to inform you that this event will not be occurring in 2019. We appreciate and can’t thank our sponsors enough for their energy and support in 2018 and all those that rode with us on the dirt roads of Nine Mile, MT. The event is simply not occurring because of a lack of extra time and energy from the promotors personal and work lives in this particular upcoming Spring. We had a blast in 2018 and have some great memories. We hope you came away with some great memories as well.

April 13 – 15, 18 | Missoula, Montana

The Cycling House and Competitive Timing are joining forces and presenting a multi-day gran fondo style gravel event inspired by the Spring Classics: The Montana Gravel Challenge.

The Montana Gravel Challenge is a coming together of The Cycling House and Competitive Timing.  We think what’s best for the Montana Hell Ride and Rocky Mountain Roubaix is to have them be on one big gravel weekend.  Stage 2 will be the Montana Hell Ride with a new format and course. Stage 3 will be the Rocky Mountain Roubaix with a new longer course. We’ve added a stage 1 time trial as an extra piece to offer a zero barrier event for beginners and recreational riders, while also offering racers an early separation before stage 2 and 3.  We’d like riders of all abilities to try the challenge.  It’s setup in a grand fondo style format, so everyone gets a time and folks can go for racing the event, riding the event, or just going for a completion.  Stage 2 and 3 will have a recreation wave that starts 1 minute later then the first wave perfect for those riding with friends or trying to stay out of a larger group.  The hardest part about this event will be finishing all three stages, not being fast at all three stages.  Best of all we will be offering a separate Junior Race option on April 18th for 8-18 year olds.

The Montana Gravel Challenge is a USA Cycling Gravel Event.  You do not need a license to participate, but we are using USA Cycling Insurance. 

The Montana Gravel Challenge is held under permit with the US Forest Service Nine Mile Ranger District (permit pending).

Stage 1 six time trial is all dirt roads.  It’s climbs just over 200 feet in 2.2 miles.  It’s more gentle terrain then straight uphill.  First 1.5 miles is low 1% grade offering a great warmup for the last push. You get in to really pretty forests and some super small/cool dirt roads that don’t see much life.

Stage 2 is the Montana Hell Ride.  It’s 4 laps on a fun pavement and dirt circuit.  You see the aid station 4 times and hit the climb 4 times.  Race or ride with your buds, should be a memorable day.

Stage 3 is the Rocky Mountain Roubaix.  Longer than last year with new course for 2018 but with all the beloved Roubaix aspects still about equal parts road and dirt, moderate climbing, and a whole lotta grit.  It’s straight up your favorite Petty Creek Road and then out the 9 mile drainage with a lollipop loop and then back the way you came.

Stage 4 is for Juniors only (ages 8-18).  It’s an out and back to the ranger station with almost all dirt road.  Total is 7 miles and should be great for an intro to riding off road.  Podiums to follow.

Full Maps Below

REGISTRATION. The Montana Gravel Challenge is currently full.  Please read below if you are currently registered or are interested in registering.  Registration is open for Stage 4 Junior Challenge April 18th.

We are super pumped by the interest and early registrations. As our permitting is becoming finalized with the Forest Service, we will be restricted to 115-rider per day cap. To get more folks participating, we tried to come up with an alternative route that avoided USFS land but couldn’t come up with a route we felt good about. So our 115 rider limit per each stage is firm. Despite the cap, the Forest Service is excited about us hosting this event in the Nine Mile Ranger district and has been great to work with. We will be riding through some beautiful terrain and through some projects the Forest Service is working on which are highlighted on our website.

If the cap is a turnoff for any rider, we will offer a 100% refunds for up until 3/30. We will also open and manage a waitlist as spots become available. We also have a feature to transfer a registration to another rider. To do any of these things skip to the information below.

Additionally, we are cancelling the junior events for the weekend. We only had 7 juniors register in time before we hit our cap. We worked through a bunch of scenarios to get around the cap but came to the conclusion that it would be better to cancel the junior event on the weekend and instead run an entirely separate after school race which would have no cap and therefore allow more juniors to participant in the ride. This would be in the best interest to the kids and have a much better atmosphere than a small 7 rider junior turnout. This event will be on April 18th. If you’d like to register your 8-18 year, registration is now open, $14. The map is up on the website.

Finally, we tweaked our Saturday route and Sunday route and have updated those maps on our website. Saturdays route is a different loop but same area with about the same distance and elevation. Sunday’s route will be out and back on Nine Mile road. The original proposed loop will likely be under snow this year.

Most importantly, we are really stoked about the Gravel Challenge and look forward to three days of gravel riding next month! This event will be one to remember!


We will provide a 100% refund if for any reason you want cancel your registration up until 3/30.

You can manage your refund by going to https://www.bikesignup.com/montanagravelchallenge and clicking on the “Refund Policy” tab, then clicking the “Request Refund” button. Refunds will be posted to your credit card in a few days.


We will open a waitlist on a first come, first serve basis. You may join the waitlist starting Monday, March 19th at 7:00PM MST. There will be three separate waitlists for each of the three events. If you want a better chance of claiming an open spot, make sure you join the waitlist as soon as it opens on Monday. As spots open, and if you are next in line, you will receive an email invitation to register for the said Gravel Challenge Event. Your invitation to register, if selected, will expire after 2 days and the waitlist will move to the next person.

Transfer your registration to another rider:

Don’t want a refund but know a buddy that wants to take your spot? You can transfer your registration to someone else. To do this, log into your BikeSignUp profile using the email address your registered. Under upcoming events click on the “manage registration” link next to the Montana Gravel Challenge event you want to transfer to a friend, then click on “transfer registration to another runner” in the top menu tab and follow instructions. Your friend will get an email invitation allowing them to register. They must complete their registration for the transfer to take place. If signed up for all three events, you will have to transfer each registration for each event. Deadline to do this: April 9th.

LOCATION – all stages and check in

18450 Six Mile Road
Huson, MT 59846


Male and Female in all below categories. Recreational start will be included in categories with everyone else

Each Stage

  • Top 3 Overall
  • 18 & Under
  • 19-29
  • 30-39
  • 40-49
  • 50-59
  • 60-69
  • 70+

Montana Gravel Challenge

  • Top 3 Overall





All proceeds from the Montana Gravel Challenge will be split 50/50 between MTB Missoula and Zootown Derailleurs.  Our goal is raise $2000.


The Cycling House is a bicycle travel company based out of Missoula, MT.  Our mission is to provide guests with an unforgettable experience that they can’t get any where else in the world. We do this by providing over-the-top customer service, extensive knowledge of endurance sports and most importantly an environment that fosters relationships through riding bikes, enjoying great food and exploring new places. Our goal is to push the boundaries of what most riders think of when they think of a “typical cycling trip” and WOW our guests. We’re passionate about what we do. Visit www.thecyclinghouse.com for more information.

Competitive Timing is a race timing company based out of Whitefish, MT.  Cory Kaufman and Matthew Smeltzer are the two partners and lead timers.  They time all sports in Western Montana and beyond.  Their passion for hard work, getting outside, and delivering a top notch product make them the best.  Visit www.competitivetiming.com for more information.


  • Zillastate and Zillastate.com for all your real estate needs
  • Big Sky Brewery, keeping us hydrated and supporting the cycling community from day 1


Anyone who finishes all three stages gets a commemorative prize.  Top 3 overall male and female for the whole challenge will receive prize and/or medal and/or cash if turnout allows.  Top 3 in all age categories for stages and the overall top three will be recognized and receive a prize and/or medal.


Tent, RV, and trailer camping is available at the race venue.  Please let us know your coming if you’d like to reserve a camp spot.  If you don’t reserve it’s first come first serve.  There will be bathrooms and water on site, but nothing else.  Cell service is very poor in that specific area.


  • 1st – 20th score.  (20, 19, 18, 17, ect)
  • Have to complete all three stages to qualify for the overall
  • No age group overall, just overall overall


We are excited to offer a junior event for the Montana Gravel Challenge!

Categories will be 8-12, 13/14, 15/16, 17/18. Top three in each category (gender separated) will be recognized and receive a prize and/or medal.

Price – $14

Parent may ride alongside their junior.

Stage 4 – 7 miles, 4:30pm start, Wednesday April 18th.


Questions, comments, suggestions? Email us at shaun@thecyclinghouse.com or cory@competitivetiming.com