What bike/tire should I ride?

  • Road Bikes: 30 – 35 mm tire, durable setup
  • Cross Bikes; 30 – 40 mm tire, durable setup, non knobbies
  • Mountain Bikes; 1.4-2.0 tire (slick or knobs depending on comfort) – DURABLE TIRES
  • Durable tires are ideal for any bike choice.
  • Flat Kit; 2-3 tubes, tire levers, CO2 or Pump
  • 2-3 Water Bottles or Hydration Pack

I don’t race?

There will be a big group of 40-60 people who ride together at the start and are trying to get their best time.  After that everyone is out there having fun and pushing themselves with buddies.  We’d like to see the recreation category to have 50+ riders.  Remember a finish is a win at the Montana Gravel Challenge.

This is a big weekend for early season!

Yep, it is! But we are confident with some prior training you can get through it. Get some buds together and help each other out. You don’t have to ride fast, just complete it! This is the perfect early season weekend to get some solid fitness for the upcoming summer.

Where is the nearest indoor accommodation?

We will have free camping on site with no hook ups.  However if you are looking for indoor accommodations, the Wingate on Airport Blvd in Missoula is the best and closest and it’s conveniently located across the street from Big Sky Brewing!

Food and Support?

There will be an aid station for stages 2 and 3.  It will stay in the same spot for both stages, right at the 9 mile ranger station.  It will have fruit, gels, bars, bonking snacks, and water.  At the base area Wally and Buck Burgers will be on site all day for n/a drinks and food.  Big Sky Beer will be at the base area all weekend with free beer.  We’ll have 3 vehicles on course to keep riders safe and and carry some bike stuff and first aid kits.  Bring your own flat repair kit and tubes to fix things.

Do I need a license?

You do not need a license for the Challenge.  The race is under USAC Gran Fondo permitting which doesn’t require a license. If you want additional insurance coverage than what the Gran Fondo insurance provides, you may purchase a membership at USA Cycling